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Vehicle Sales, maintainance and repairs

Errandboy Nigeria services will stand in as an inspection referral service which enables, car online suggestions, car inspections and auto appraisals. The Errandboy Nigeria Services will act on the behalf of its customers /users to get an independent analysis of the condition, safety, and quality of cars, truck or street rod you are thinking of buying. Our contractors are inspectors who are not affiliated with any sales organization. Their loyalty is to you their buyers and is less interested in the third party.

The Errandboy Nigeria services has standardized the process of inspection and appraisal so that you get the same type of services anywhere in Nigeria. Our inspector generates a four-page report on the vehicle. You also get a standard set of photos to document what we find about each car.  Plus each inspector is asked to take photos of anything he finds that is not right on the car, i.e.  Pitted chrome, bubbles in paint, rust in trunks etc.  The VIN number will also be provided.