FAQ / Terms & Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the delivery services you offer?

ErrandBoy Nigeria offers two delivery plans

    Same Day Delivery Plan

  • On this plan, We don’t give a specific time frame as to when we’ll be coming to pick/deliver packages.
  • Errands on a same-day delivery plan are picked and delivered between the hours of 8 am and 9 pm.
  • All errands before 11 am are on the Same Day Delivery Plan.
  • Our same-day delivery plan starts immediately your payment is confirmed.
    Express Service Plan

  • This is a custom delivery for special purposes which requires dedicated rider going for an immediate pick up. This usually attracts a premium fee.

Do you deliver cakes or other perishable goods?

Yes we do. These delivery requires careful service and safer transportation, and it comes with a premium fee. We do advise our customers to go for the Express service plan for this type of errand.

Do we run deliveries for large items?

Yes we do. This is a special service. It comes with a premium fee

Errandboy Nigeria Terms & Conditions.

1. ErrandBoy Nigeria predominantly runs a Same-day delivery service. All orders on this plan must be placed on or before 11am. Any order after 11am is automatically a 24hr delivery service. 

2. In the case where you can’t wait for our 24hr delivery service, you can go for the Express Service plan which affords you a dedicated rider to run your errand at the time you choose. Please note that this service usually cost more than the Same-Day Delivery service.

3. Any orders picked can be delivered on or before 9pm. In the rare case that your same day orders will not be fulfilled, you will be contacted by an ErrandBoy official on or before 7pm. You’ll need to be patient and wait for a call from us.

4. ErrandBoy Nigeria is not liable for wrong numbers and addresses. Packages with wrong details will return to ErrandBoy Headquarters and you will have to re-order to get them fulfilled. Please check details well before making your order.

5. Our riders will spend not more than 5 mins to pick and not more than 10 minutes to deliver. Anything beyond that, the package will return to the headquarters for a re-order.

6. Customers are advised to refrain from contacting our riders for other arrangements that are not directly consummated with ErrandBoy Nigeria

7. Should you request for a refund, it will take 3 – 7 working days for your money to reflect in your account.