About Us

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Who is Errandboy Nigeria?

In today’s society, people seem to be caught up in the frenzied fast pace of life – They have very busy schedules and find it hard to perform their daily mundane tasks or chores. This exhausting fast pace of life promotes over-stimulation and over-scheduling, which interrupt and diminish learning, productivity, attention, efficiency and skill. 

At Errandboy Nigeria, we are set out to provide an alternative solution to everyday time consuming task. We thrive to be the good help you are looking for, and to give our customers the satisfying experience.  Whether you are a busy professional, a single parent, a nursing mother, bedridden, or a senior citizen, Errandboy Nigeria is here to provide personal and business solutions to meet your needs.

Our Culture

  • ConfidentialWe prioritize trust over short-term profit where there is a conflict. We strongly believe in being open, honest and transparent, and we keep to our word.
  • Customer FocusedWe listen to our clients’ needs and act from them. We have bespoke plans to accommodate each client, providing a personalized service that works for them.
  • ReliabilityHonesty and integrity to build confidence and trust and we are always striving to improve

Errandboy Nigeria is a Lagos based full–service errand company, which includes Pickup and Delivery service, Corporate services, Home Management, or any Custom Errands you have in mind – just ask. 

Errandboy Nigeria service is designed to relieve mounting pressure that can take a toll on our clients lives. We’re not just completing your personal to-do lists we’re lifting weight off your shoulders.

Our service is fast, efficient and reliable with the most professional and experienced errand runners in Nigeria. Our errand runners are professional and trustworthy, with friendly dispositions and ‘can-do’ attitudes.

We can be your great business partner and help you growth strongly.